Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Under the Trellis: February

This is the trellis Jeff built for me for our 5th wedding anniversary.
Yep...It's ten years old.
Cannot believe we have been married that long.
15 years.
Mac took this pic last week.

I wanted to take a pic of it at least once a month.
To keep a record of the changing of the seasons.
To document the life that comes and goes around that trellis.

I forgot to post January's pic.

Here it is...

Pretty quiet.
It was a typical cold blustery January Day.

You cannot tell right now...but as the weather warms up... lot of action takes place around that trellis.
The yahoos tend to hang out right there...for lots of different reasons.

Here's Mac and Mae playing dress up.  They were having a tea party.
I invaded the fun and had them pose for me.
They seem so little, don't they?

The yahoos tend to hang out right there..
They like to chat with the newlyweds...or play fetch with their dog across the gate.

The trellis turns into a makeshift garage for all their "vehicles."
Or it might be home "base" for a game of tag.

It will be fun to document the comings and goings on around:

The Trellis!

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Annesta said...

How fun, Kat! Love your trellis and your lovely pictures.