Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The little guy who has been with us for a bit is still here. He could be gone at anytime. Talk about learning how to take life as it day at a time.

I know this is how we are to live...ONE DAY AT A TIME. Every once in a while I think I have mastered taking life as it unfolds...but once again...I have been humbled as we muddle our way through this placement.

I just do not have any clue how this will all play out. And for a control freak like is shaking my heart right to the core.

I have nothing profound to add at this point, just felt like venting a little bit....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It has been awhile...

Since we have played with our blog.
We have been hunkered down in our winter den..
trying to stay warm and content while we wait for the crocus to peek thru the leftover snow.
The girls have been busy playing big sister to several little people who have come for a visit and then made their way back home.

Mae loves this version of a verse that has been a favorite over the years.
We thought you might be encouraged and challenged as we have been!
1 Peter 3:8
Be like one big happy family
Full of kindness towards each other
Loving each other with tender hearts
and humble minds!