Friday, October 31, 2008


There was a "final" ruling today regarding the custody of Little Man and his lil' sis. We were under the impression that everything was settled...and they BOTH would be awarded to his mother.

From what we can gather, Mom asked judge to give her custody of Little Man. She wants to wait 6 months to take custody of Lil' Sis....just to get herself "ready?" And wants the judge to award custody to bio-dad. When the judge heard this, he awards Long-Term guardianship to the grandmother! That is right! Yes, you heard me right. Mom shows up at court, with all her ducks in a row...and then hesitates about taking custody. Judge, seeing inconsistancy, hands this 3 year old girl right back into the hands of these sick people, because it is all she has known!
Mom will have to GO BACK TO COURT in order to regain custody of Lil' Sis. And if something happens while she has custody of Lil' Man, more than likely he will be placed with Grandma, too. He will never make his way back to us. Mom has just slammed the door shut on that option, when she lost Lil Sis to Grandma!
Why is the world like this?
So our little man will be handed over to his mother on Monday! Will she fight for him? Or will she loose him, too?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More News on our Little Man and his Little Sis!

The judge has ordered that the grandparents may not have custody of the kids! Lil Man and his sis will be handed over to their mother in the next 10 days...

Mom is highly motivated and treatment has been successful thus far. She will be transferred into well-run shelter when she regains custody of the kids. She will have tons of support. This shelter is highly regarded and will provide all the help she needs to eventually be on her own. We are relieved that the kids will not be with Grandma any more. But sending our Little Man off will be so very difficult. We are rejoicing in the healing that has taken place. We pray that Mom will continue to heal and work to be what her children need her to be. And we humbly come before our Lord, asking His protection over them, and begging Him to send them back to us if the journey to healing takes a detour. Please rejoice and pray along with us for this family!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yes...actual "news..."

She is staying with the grandmother. No words...just....tears.....

The Little Man and his Little Sis...

We just do not know what is going to happen to Little Man's "big" little sis....there has been no word from the DCFS social worker. All I can think about is this little girl... living in fact that she has known nothing else. The whole thing is sad, scarey...overwhelming.


What will happen to this little girl? I cannot write anymore. I wish the phone would ring with some actual "news."

Friday, October 17, 2008

He is still with us!

The Little Man is still with us! We are praising God for allowing us the priviledge of caring for Little Man for a little while longer. We are so thankful to all of you who have been lifting our family in thankful for the peace that has surrounded our hearts, (well...Kat may have fretted a bit here and there...) the wisdom and insight He has bestowed upon the workers...and an awesome and mighty work He is doing in the hearts of the birthfamily...

We do not know how long Little Man may be with us...his stay may be shorter than we would ever wish for...but we see glimpses now of how God may be healing a family...healing some broken, twisted hearts...and that is a miraculous and beautiful thing.

There is much work ahead for this family. Little Man has an older sister that may need a place to stay. Their mother has asked us to take her until she is ready to parent them both. If this becomes a possibility, we have opened our hearts to do just that.

Please keep us in your prayers, and thank you again for your kindness, encouragement, friendship and love!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Please keep praying for our little man...

There has been a bit of drama today. I do not want to get into the specifics..but we just do not know what will happen tomorrow. The only thing we are sure of is that Jeff is to take our Little Man for a visit with his birth mom. We have no idea right now where he will go from there...if he will come back home or be placed with the grandmother. Please pray for peace, wisdom, assurance, and that all parties will do the best thing for our little man! Please pray that the bio-parents and DCFS will do RIGHT by our little man...and that we can be at peace with the decisions that will be made.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our little man is leaving...

us on Friday! Unless a miracle occurs...he will go. He will go to a stressed-out, not so willing to take him grandmother who lives in a tiny, little trailer...filled with way too many least 3 other kids...and a hubby who...well...may be involved with children in ways that make your stomach churn and your heart split in two. But DCFS believes this is the BEST option for our little man. Instead of allowing him to stay in our care.

We live in a sick world.

Please pray!

Just some newer pics of the little man...he is not so little, actually. He has just been starting to creep around this week!