Thursday, February 3, 2011

Five a month goals...

So last month I decided to join Jessica in her five a month plan.  Here are the goals that I chose for January, and how well I did.

1. Read my One Year Bible Everyday.
I managed to keep this goal!  Meeting with the Lord in HIS word every day has been such an encouragement, and HE helps me along through the day.  It is a discipline I have always tried to keep up but having this list and the accountability really helps me.  I also decided to keep a blog about my readings.  Keeping up the blog has also helped keep up the discipline, and it forces me to think through what I am reading.  The more accountability in my life, the better!
2. Memorize Colossians verses...two a week.
This goal was harder for me to maintain.  So far I have managed to memorize four verses.  So I have done a verse a week.  Not too bad, for someone who is terrible at memorizing and tries to avoid it at all costs.  More about this in my goals for February.
3. Work with LiLi on learning/writing her alphabet.
LiLi has been working on her writing and her alphabet.  I would like to work on this more consistently, though.  I think we need to make the goal more once a day...or three days a week...something like that. More coming for February.
4. Clean/organize my desk.
Nope. Did not happen.  Pathetic!
5. Write a note of encouragement every week.
This I did manage to do! 

So here is my goals for the month of February

1.  Read my One Year Bible Everyday. Same plan.

2.  Memorize Colossians, two verses a week.
I really want to manage two verses a week.  I am following a plan and would like to keep to it.  I also found a website called Scripture Typer.  It is a great tool and I have been using it for a week.  I think if I consistently keep at it, I should be able to keep up a two a week pace.
3.  LiLi on her learning her alphabet/handwriting.
Li has really been doing well with this, but trying to work at this everyday is a bit much for her.  So we will make it a goal of three days a week, probably Mon. Wed. and Fri.
4.  Clean and organize my desk.
I will conquer the desk.  I will!
5.  Write a note of encouragement every week.
One thing I have been thinking about lately is how much we do not say.  And for some reason we tend to say the things that are negative and we keep the positive stuff to ourselves. 

If you are interested in making goals for yourself this month, or are just looking for an interesting, inspiring blog to read, check out Jessica's blog.  Jessica and her hubby are currently raising their five children overseas.

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