Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wanting to say thank you...

to all of you who have prayed, encouraged, and walked through the last few weeks with us. Your friendship and love have meant a great deal to us all. The Lord is teaching us to walk patiently with Him day by our cares to Him as we seek His will and direction in our life. Mac asked me yesterday what I thought God was asking of us right now...and I told her to grab her Bible and look up some verses. Somehow we ended up in Micah...Micah 6:8...
Oh man...what is good:
and what does the Lord require of you....
But to do justice, to LOVE kindness...
And to walk humbly with your God!
Mac asked me what it meant to LOVE kindness...and I asked her to think of something she absolutely LOVED? Something she cherished, she adored? Something so important to is all that is on her heart and mind?
Just imagine if we focused on kindness that way? Just imagine what sort of a person we would become, if all of our energy poured into showing kindness to everyone around us...all of the time?
The change in our hearts, the change in our behavior, the change in our attitudes would be remarkable...and such a testimony to God's loving kindness in our lives! If kindness consumed us...we would chase away those dark selfish thoughts...and become beacons of His everlasting light!

Friday, November 14, 2008

This cheered me up today!

I normally stay away from politics on the blog...but I just could not help myself.

Facinating stuff, ehy?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wild Child!

Leave it to Li-Li to lighten things up!


So the latest news is he has been placed with some paternal aunt. Mom has been left to figure out her life on her own, they will not provide services for her anymore. If his safety is compromised while with "Auntie Whoever"...DCFS will have to find "other options." We have requested to be that other option. Who knows if we will ever hear from any of these people ever again.
He will be bounced from place to place now.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Is he safe?

That is the question that now haunts us. There is no way to know. We hope...prayed...and let go. Now our heart is filled with panic.
Bio-mom checked out of the shelter. She took our Little Man, threw away whatever hope there was for healing....and decided she could do it on her own. We are praying that if our sweet smiling Little Man is in harm's way...the Lord will shield him...and somehow get him back to us...

Monday, November 3, 2008

He's gone...

It's just too much this time. It is much too quiet. The worker came early to pick him up. I wanted that extra time...just quiet snuggle time before she came. Instead we were all rushing...I ache for him. Mac sobbed.