Monday, February 21, 2011

God's LOVE...

Today we met and the question was,
"Have you experienced God's love?"
HAVE you REALLY experienced God's love?
DO you experience God's love?
And of course, we chatted about the day we "met" HIM, that day where the blinders fell off,
and the light streamed through,
and we knew the love of Christ fully, completely.

But in the day to day, HAVE we experienced God's love?
Can we say that we have?
Do we really KNOW HIS love?

And I smiled, because I knew, just when.
Yes, I have.
Yes, I do.

My mind went back to 15 years ago.

Do you see him?
See his face?
See him looking at me?
The one in the corner.
That fresh, handsome face?
When I walked through the doors,
And started down the isle,
and saw that face...
I knew.
I saw His love, in his eyes.
Those eyes followed me all the way down.
They never wavered.
They never wandered.
They stayed right with me all the way down.
And I knew.
Those eyes have been with me ever since.
Through all the good stuff.
Through all the heartache.
All the illness.
All the joy.
All the tears.
They have never wavered.
They have never wandered.
And every day I look into them.
I know I am loved.
By the ONE who made him.
Just for me.
I have REALLY experienced God's love.

Endless ways...Endless gifts...

71. his eyes
72.  his permanent smile
73.  Wedding photos that record the memories
74.  Monday afternoons with Patty
75.  Grandmas and Grammies and Nanas
76.  My favorite sweatshirt
77.  Birds chirping even though the winds blow
78.  last minute offers to babysit 
79.  Family Bible Study
80.  voice mails from my favorite buddies


Lindsey V said...

Your blog is super cute! And the way that you show God's love for you through the "one" he joined you with is just precious.

73 - I love my wedding pictures too!
80 - I save voicemails on my phone from hubby, mom, dad, sis, & pals

Annesta said...

A beautiful list, Kat. Such a lovely picture of your wedding and how nice to recall that special moement.

Kat said...

@ Lindsey...I have a few voicemails I have saved, too!

A...I hold that memory very close to my heart. I was so thankful the photographer caught it for me. When I found that pictured I cried. It is by far my favorite moment from our wedding. Someday I'll post more pics. We had such a blast that day!

Robin of FL said...

Adorable wedding photo. Love the blog reminder on love.