Monday, July 25, 2011


with tears, with heartache, with exhaustion.

with emotion, anxiety, fear.

trickle here, dripping there...

the rush does come.

it comes and consumes.

paralyzing the soul,

I know not how to survive,

except to climb aboard the raft of faith.

and so I continue to remember the blessings...

161.  safe arrivals

162.  a bearded Jeff, tanned and toned from hard work

163.  young hearts excited to do the work

164.  potty training a fast learner

165. a giggling Jack-Jack

166.  old hymns and the reminders they carry

167.  homemade pasta, meatballs
and the dear friend who made them

168.  a hot sun to dry up the wet

169.  teachable souls

170.  another day to be reminded and remember


The dB family said...

A beautiful list! I have to get back at it again soon too.


Annesta said...

Enjoy reading your list.