Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekly Passages

This year I decided to try to read through the One Year Bible.  I try to do this every year, and really struggle with keeping up with it.  Every year, I have started strong.  Then I miss a couple weeks, and find myself unable to catch back up.  I will skip ahead to where everyone else is at, missing out on huge chunks of scripture.

I did not want to do this again.  I started a blog.  I needed something to help me keep up with my reading.  It is pathetic, I know.  I wish I could sit here and tell you that the Word of God is so inspiring that I wake up anxious to read whatever it is HE has for me to learn.  But there are days when I am so distracted by my circumstances that I am just not motivated enough to believe He has anything important for me to hear. 

But I am finding that He does have important, inspiring, relevant words for me, everyday.  I do not always find the time to share these words in my blog.  But the last three months have been so rich.  My mind whirls as I read about the Israelites and how they fumble about.  My heart pounds as I listen to the Lord and His deep desire to dwell with His people.  What amazing days those must have been.

Anyway, if you are reading the One Year Bible this year, I would love to hear what you are learning.
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sadehuston said...

I am knee-deep in Leviticus right now and have to admit that the rules and regulations for dealing with leopracy have not exactly been applicable to my daily life but I do find myself thankful for the precision and attention to detail that our God has for His people . I started my 'Bible In a Year' a month into this year but I am really enjoying it.

The dB family said...

I did it two years ago. I'm glad I did. I need to do it again, but somehow I knew this year was NOT the year. I would like to do the chronological one the next time. Way to go for trying it again (and you will succeed) and really holding yourself accountable!