Monday, March 28, 2011

Shepherds, and Pastures, and Cups Overflowing....

When my heart is tipping over with grief, and consumed with worry over the future,
Our gracious Heavenly Father bestows upon me a reminder of His goodness in Psalm 23. 
How could I sit in my angst
when He promises us...
Endless Gifts...

121.  Our own personal shepherd...on duty...24/7

122.  We shall not "lack"...for anything...

123.  green pastures

124.   quiet waters

125.  Our own person tour guide...on duty...24/7
(who stakes HIS own reputation on our ability to navigate life)

126.  no.more.fear

127. guidance and discipline 

128.   A feast in the midst of a battle

129.  overflowing cups

130.  Goodness
Dwelling in His house

1 comment:

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

His gifts truly are endless! I'm so thankful for His goodness. Loved your list!