Monday, April 4, 2011

The Hard Stuff

It is really hard to be thankful for the things you wish were not so.

Thousand Endless Gifts

131.  Pain
Reminds me of our imperfection,
and the need to be healed

132.  Fear
that I might diligently Hide in Him

133.  Weariness
that I might rest in Him

134.  The Unknown
teaches me to trust in Him

135.  Humility
puts me in my place
and He in His

136.  Heartache
Woos me to our One True Love

137.  Hunger
so I might feast upon His word

138.  Barrenness
that I might opens my heart to His children

139.  Insecurity
so I might discover the peace that surpasses understanding

140.  Darkness
so I might search for His light


The dB family said...

Kat, this is beautiful! What a wonderful way to look at our trials! Thank you so much for sharing!


Craig said...

Kat - I didn't come by from the link - just came by to read your words - I know trials - long a bitter - and I know what God can do through them. And Ann says if we only thank him for the good - we're mis-counting. I listed my own "hard Hallelujahs" about a month ago. Godspeed in your trials. God Bless and keep you and yours.

Annesta said...

Your list blessed my heart today. Turning trials into gratefulness is truly the work of the Holy Spirit. I am inspired by your words.
May you have a beautiful, restful Sabbath tomorrow.

Annesta said...

I have been missing you. Hope all is well. Sending up prayers on your behalf.