Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mac's latest paper...she needed an interesting opening sentence...

Wig Wearing Writers of Independence
Why did those dudes who wrote the Declaration of Independence wear wigs? There were five men who wrote the it, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston. Thomas Jefferson, who was from Virginia, was chosen by the others to write 27 ways the king displeased the colonists, which became the Declaration of Independence. He could speak five different languages and became the third president of the United States.
Ben Franklin, who lived in Pennsylvania, made a few changes to Jefferson’s well-written words. He was also a member of the Constitutional Convention. He invented many things we use today. John Adams, a diligent farmer from Massachusetts, was elected the second president of the U.S. Roger Sherman lived in Connecticut. He was a Supreme Court judge, who knew how to write the law. Robert Livingston lived in New York. He became a lawyer. He belonged to the Continental Congress. These are the five men who wisely wrote the Declaration of Independence. The one thing those dudes all had in common is that they all wore wigs, because it was the cool thing to do!
By Mac 4/29/09

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Tanya said...

Love it!!! So, cool dudes wear wigs, eh? That's great!!