Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Fable as Rewritten by Mac....

The Clever Hunter Who Killed the Proud Tiger

An honest, clever hunter, who was amazingly skilled,
stalked the wild animals that lived in his woods.
The animals hid because they were frightened. At sunrise, the hunter
quietly crept into the dewy forest.
An arrogant tiger, who believed that he could kill the
hunter instantly, was sharpening his claws on some rocks.
The tiger planned a suprise attack because
he was trying to get attention. The tiger boastfully bragged, "I’m going to sneak
through the trees and pounce upon that hunter."
As the drooling tiger fiercely roared, the hunter dashed
to investigate.
The tiger, who quickly turned around, spied
the hunter behind a tree. He leaped at the hunter. The
hunter aimed carefully.
The arrow zipped through the air and pierced the tiger’s chest. As he died he whispered, "I
will never kill the hunter because my pride killed me."

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Tanya said...

Woohoo Mac!!! That's fantastic!!!