Friday, October 31, 2008


There was a "final" ruling today regarding the custody of Little Man and his lil' sis. We were under the impression that everything was settled...and they BOTH would be awarded to his mother.

From what we can gather, Mom asked judge to give her custody of Little Man. She wants to wait 6 months to take custody of Lil' Sis....just to get herself "ready?" And wants the judge to award custody to bio-dad. When the judge heard this, he awards Long-Term guardianship to the grandmother! That is right! Yes, you heard me right. Mom shows up at court, with all her ducks in a row...and then hesitates about taking custody. Judge, seeing inconsistancy, hands this 3 year old girl right back into the hands of these sick people, because it is all she has known!
Mom will have to GO BACK TO COURT in order to regain custody of Lil' Sis. And if something happens while she has custody of Lil' Man, more than likely he will be placed with Grandma, too. He will never make his way back to us. Mom has just slammed the door shut on that option, when she lost Lil Sis to Grandma!
Why is the world like this?
So our little man will be handed over to his mother on Monday! Will she fight for him? Or will she loose him, too?


Tanya said...

I'm completely speechless......I just, I don't, I can't, sheesh.

Robin's Reports said...

I can't comprehend the thought process........ not at all.

Hugs to you all.

mary grace said...

This makes me feel ill. Oh, Kat. Praying so hard over your Little Man.